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Speeches and Articles

This page contains links to some speeches and articles that have been given or written by members of CATWA.

Brothels without Walls: The Escort Sector as a Problem for the Legalization of Prostitution. Sheila Jeffreys 2010

The sex industry and business: An obstacle to women’s equality. Sheila Jeffreys  2010

What Happens When Prostitution Becomes Work? An Update on Legalisation of Prostitution in Australia. A paper by Mary Sullivan, 2005  (CATWA)

Prostitution Culture: Legalised Brothel Prostitution in Victoria, Australia. Sheila Jeffreys 2002. Talk given at Swedish Ministry of Gender Equality Seminar on the Effect of Legalisation of Prostitution. Stockholm, 6 November 2002.

Australia and the Traffic in Women into Sexual Exploitation Sheila Jeffreys 2002

The Legalisation of Prostitution: A failed social experiment Sheila Jeffreys

Legalising Prostitution is not the Answer: The example of Victoria, Australia Mary Sullivan and Sheila Jeffreys

Challenging the Adult-Child distinction in Theory and practice on Prostitution Sheila Jeffreys. International Femisist Journal of Politics.  November 2000

Paper for the lobby training workshop for women’s NGO’s Sheila Jeffreys 2000

The International Political Economy of Pornography: Speech given in Finland, Sheila Jeffreys 2002

Queer Theory and Violence Against WomenSheila Jeffreys 1999

The Eroticism of (In)Equality. Sheila Jeffreys 1999