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The Strip Club industry exposed

Strip clubs are an often overlooked element of the sex industry, but are clearly places of sexual exploitation.  They not only involve significant violence against the women who strip, but they also commonly have links to organised crime. Furthermore, these clubs threaten the safety of the surrounding communities, create a new ‘glass ceiling’ for women in the corporate world and promote a model of sexuality which is harmful to women and girls.


Read CATWA’s in depth report on strip clubs in Victoria (2010) This report, titled ‘Not Just Harmless Fun’ takes an in depth look at the industry and argues that it should be regulated in the same way as brothels.

Introduction to the launch

Media release for the report

The sex industry and business: An obstacle to women’s equality. Sheila Jeffreys 2010

Media articles relating to strip clubs

Jul 2014 Business women suffer discrimination because of the male executive culture of strip club visits.

Dec 2010 ABC radio interview with Sheila Jeffreys on ‘Why strip clubs are harmful to women and the community‘. Includes transcript