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nmin-logo-final-1The Nordic Model Information Network

The Nordic Model Information Network (NMIN) is a global alliance of researchers with deep and systematic expertise in researching the dynamics of prostitution and the sex industry, trafficking, and violence against women. The Network was launched in November 2015 after academics and researchers first came together in February 2014 to support Mary Honeyball’s  motion to the European Parliament.

You can keep up to date with NMIN news on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NMInfoNetwork

For media inquiries about NMIN, you can contact the conveners:
Dr Maddy Coy – London Metropolitan University, UK – M.Coy@londonmet.ac.uk
Dr Helen Pringle – University of New South Wales, Australia – h.pringle@unsw.edu.au
Dr Meagan Tyler – RMIT University, Australia  meagan.tyler@rmit.edu.au

NMIN Submissions and briefing papers

July 2016: BRIEFING –The Swedish Sex Purchase Law: evidence of its impact

Feb 2016: Submission to the Home Affairs Committee Prostitution inquiry

Nov 2015: Submission to the consultation on the Prostitution Law Reform (Scotland) Bill