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Other aspects of the sex industry

CATWA’s main focus has always been on the sexual exploitation of women and girls, and the promotion of the Nordic Model as the best legislation to end the demand for prostitution. However, there are many other areas where sexual exploitation is evident.

Sex trafficking is a human rights abuse that is closely linked to prostitution. Another type of trafficking is marriage trafficking, and CATWA has presented submissions to government on this.

The growth of the pornography industry is of great concern as is the strip club industry, both of which promote a model of sexuality that is harmful to women and girls.

Information about anti-prostitution and anti-pornography campaigns can be found here.

Finally, CATWA has made available some historical recordings from a landmark 1987 conference entitled “The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism” . The recordings include talks by Catherine McKinnon, Sheila Jeffreys and Andrea Dworkin.