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Anti-prostitution and pornography groups

This page provides information on anti-prostitution and anti-pornography groups and campaigns.

Anti Prostitution Campaigns

NORMAC: Nordic Model in Australia Coalition. A group established to educate, to disseminate information, promote and reseach Nordic Model laws

Nordic Model Now. A UK based grassroots organisation campaigning for the abolition of prostitution and related practices.

Turn Off the Red Light An Irish organisation working for an end to prostitution and sex trafficking in Ireland. It advocates the adoption of the Nordic Model.

Abolicion de la Prostitucion. This web site, in Spanish, was set up by a group of 77 women’s organisations to fight prostitution in that country.

Centre for Women’s Human Rights. This Korean feminist organistion was established in 2005.

The Polaris Project. Anti Trafficking organisation with a focus in Japan and USA

Anti Pornography Campaigns

Bin the Bunny. This is an anti pornography campaign from London. It began in response the opening of a Playboy shop in 2007.