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Australian Federal and State Prostitution Legislations

This page brings together the relevant prostitution and sex trafficking legislation in Australia and New Zealand. Background information and other relevant materials can be found at the Prostitution in Australia and New Zealand page

Federal: Criminal Code Amendment (Trafficking in Persons Offences) Act 2005

Federal: Criminal Code Amendment ( Slavery and Sexual Servitude) Act 1999

On 1 Mar 2022 the Sex Work Decriminalisation Act 2022 was signed into law. It repeals and replaces the Victoria: Sex Work Act 1994  Note: In 2010 the Victorian Prostitution Control Act 1994 was renamed the Sex Work Act 1994  Victoria: Sex Work and other Acts Amendment Act 2011

Victoria: Parliamentary Library Research Service: Research Brief on the Sex Work and other Acts Amendement Act 2011. Contains background information and summaries of other jurisdictions.

Queensland: Prostitution Act 1999 (pdf format)

Queensland Prostitution Regulation 2000 (pdf format)

West Australian Prostitution Act 2000

Australian Capital Territory: Prostitution Amendment Act 2002 This is an amendment to the 1992 Prostitution Act. (pdf format)

Australian Capital Territory: Prostitution Act 1992

Northern Territory: Sex Industry Act 2019

Tasmania: Sex Industry Offences Act 2005

New Zealand Prostitution Legislation

Prostitution Reform Act 2003 This link takes you to the NZ Statutes, organised alphabetically – click on the P on the left-hand menu and then on the Prostitution Reform Act.