Countries with Nordic Model (or variations of it) legislation

This page brings together the revelant legislations of those countries that have enacted Nordic Model type legisaltion. Further resources relating to the Nordic Model in these and other countries can be found at the Nordic Model Resources page.


The original 1999 legislation is now found in Ch 6 (section 11) of the 2005 Penal Code.


In Nov 2008, the Penal Code was amended to include Section 202a which criminalises the purchase of sexual services. It came into force in Jan 2009 and also applies to acts committed abroad by Norwegian nationals.


In April 2009 the Icelandic Parliament passed legislation amending the Penal Code to prohibit the purcahse of sexual services.


Bill C-36 to amend the Criminal Code was passed in 2014.

Northern Ireland

In June 2015, the Northern Ireland parliament passed the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Act 2015. Section 15 deals with paying for the sexual services of a person, and penalise


2016 The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill 2015 passed in the Senate and  passed in the upper house, Seanad Éireann, on 14 February 2017.


In April 2016, the National Assembly passed legislation criminalising the purchase of sexual services. It can be found here, in French. A brief summary, in English, can be found here and a full translation of the legislation is available for download here.

South Korea

There are two pieces of relevant legisaltion

Act on the Punishment of Procuring Prostitution and Associated Acts

Act on the Prevention of Sexual Traffic